Thoughts of Ionesco – THEORY: Loops​/​Collage​/​Live



In 1999 TOI began working on an album of improvisation material that was to be edited from live sessions aired on WHFR FM. Unfortunately, those recordings have been lost. To stitch the collection together, they’d planned to use sound collages and loops made in their rehearsal space from source material captured on tape recorders they used at their shows. There was also talk of including live songs on the project.

While the album never came to be, we recently found some of the loops and collages and live songs that had been considered for the release. This material is considerably lo-fidelity but is also a porthole into the ethos of the band. Headphones are recommended for those interested in perusing these oddities.

We will continue adding to this collage as we find more snippets.

Live songs recorded at The Shelter in Detroit, MI. 1999.
Loops and collages assembled from cassette recordings.