Your Skull [aka YR SKL and Your Skull My Closet] was a Brooklyn-based rock band active 2007-2014. Influenced by Fugazi (and other ’90 Dischord bands) as well as dance and ‘80s art-pop, the band was well out of touch with the current trends of New York’s hippest borough. They nevertheless performed frequently in Brooklyn and Manhattan, with occasional touring gigs, recording five EPs along the way. Their song “Let’s Get Acquainted” was once in rotation on Seattle’s KEXP and after catching the interest of producer J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines) they recorded their final EP Bloodbeats at his Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore (Robbins also mixed the We Find One Another EP).

If not always appealing to audiences, Your Skull was a frequent favorite of the live sound engineers who mixed their shows. “You guys were great,” said these kind men and women. “How come I’ve never heard of you?” Your Skull often fled gigs directly after playing, rarely bothering to collect their pay. Having no promotional skills among them, they decided to give away all merchandise for free, occasionally offering a donation bucket for spectators interested in patronizing their cause. They regrouped for a final surprise show in 2017, except no one was surprised as no one but the band members themselves cared… because, after all, in the words of their 2014 song “Bloodbeats”:

You must go the way your bloodbeats
You must travel as you’re sent

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