Racehorses Are Resources – EP3




Produced by Zach Shipps with RRR
Recorded by Zach Shipps and Johnny LZR

Racehorses Are Resources is:
Chris Peters
Nick Speed
Quelle Chris
Nick Cicchetti
Zac Bru
Michael Lapp

Additional Musicians:
4.5/2/2 – David Hurley (drums, zurna), Rafael Leafar (bass clarinet, bass flute), Mark Morgan (guitar), Travis Siegfried (drums, synth)

Based On Your Browser History – David Hurley (drums), Mark Morgan (guitar), Travis Siegfried (drums)

High Margin For Error – David Hurley (chimebox, tamborim, talk drum)

LZR 3 – David Hurley (drums), Raphael Leafar (electric piano, tenor sax)

Horror Vacui – David Hurley (drums),

Dead Limo – David Hurley (drums), Raphael Leafar (bass clarinet, soprano sax), Mark Morgan (guitar), Nick Tallidis (tenor sax)