Mystery Math – Magnetic Domains



Magnetic Domains is the sound of four people pushed apart by circumstance and the passage of time. This record is a testament to the power of music to create friendships and through the promise of music’s possibilities. It was arranged and sequenced to be perceived as one fluid motion. We hope you enjoy it as such.

All music written & performed by Mystery Math except: “Looking Back (just for a minute)” by Chris Halverson, “Galaxies In Her Eyes” by Ray Goode, “Signal vs. Noise” by Chris Halverson, “Dimestore Fortune” by Nate Dort, “Lull Lament” by Greg Evangelista and “Sickle Moon Sway (Sickle Moon’s Way)” by Ray Goode.

Recorded & Engineered by Nate Dort
Mastered by Chris Goosman at Baseline Audio Labs
Album art & design by Allison Graw at Monster Free Design

Special thanks to Sean Madigan Hoen at Down Peninsula Audio for the constant support & representation.

Mystery Math is Chris Halverson, Greg Evangelista, Ray Goode & Nate Dort.

Thank you.