LaSalle – Pretty World

2008 CD



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Forming from the ashes of Small Brown Bike, LaSalle takes the rugged rock of the former and adds a bit more melodic sensibility. LaSalle features the husband/wife team of Mike & Katy Reed plus drummer and long-time collaborator, Dan Jaquint.

Their sophomore record, Pretty World, shows a band that has grown tighter, louder, and more urgent in the three years since the release of their debut album Expeditions Songs (Thick Records). With the welcome addition of keyboards, horns, and electronics, LaSalle adds layers to their sound without going overboard. Pretty World blends male/female harmonies with sharp guitar riffs, glassy bass lines, and intricate drumming to make a record that refuses to stay in one place.

Mike Reed (guitar + vocals)
Katy Reed (bass + vocals)
Dan Jaquint (drums + misc)