The Fencemen – Lyric Book/CD

This 8.5″ x 8.5″ book contains all the lyrics, photos, and a CD with the Times Are Alright LP, More More More More Monuments EP, and Black Hills Harmonic single.

Also see: Tyler’s Poetry & Collage Book

This will ship around the end of August 2023!



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Recorded in 2012/2013 by Dan Jaquint at The Fort (Dimondale, Michigan)

“Black Hills Harmonic” recorded in 2023 after finding Tyler’s lone vocals on his voice recorder

More More More More Monuments mixed in 2013 by Dan Jaquint in New York

Times Are Alright and Black Hills Harmonic mixed in 2023 by Christopher Weingarten

Mastered in 2022/2023 by Christopher Weingarten

Matt Michaud played Flugelhorn and Trumpet on “Call Me A Crooked Heart” and “Get Into The Light”

Danae Huggett sang on “New Turks,” the Widow City Choir sang on “Violent Domestic”

Kristen Terreri played viola on “O Golden Spike”

Adam Aymor played pedal steel and 12 string guitar on “Black Hills Harmonic”

Various elements from the verses of “Violent Domestic” were inspired by two written correspondences between Tennessee Williams and Maria St. Just, 1952 and 1971

Collage and layout designs by Tyler Blakslee & Dan Jaquint

Wolf, cannon, and jackal by Craig Horky

Photos by Lance Nelson, Sean Hoen, and Ryan Pavlovich

All songs © The Fencemen, Crooked Mercy Blues Music

Thank You: family, friends, fellow bands, Cally, Rodney, Ernie, Furley, Griz, and Buck

Although grammatically incorrect, The Fencemen reserve the right to employ the colloquial spelling of “all right” for purposes of retaining traditional norms and aesthetics

Fill all the modern towers with your modern love