Patois – Chemtrails


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DPA is proud to release the cassette edition of Patois’ enchanted art-pop mindbender Chemtrails. I’ve loved Dan’s music for many years; he’s perhaps the most under-appreciated songwriter I know. One of his many gifts is the ability to lure you to that uncomfortable edge of sentimentality/raw emotion and make you writhe a little while a smeary pop hook works its magic. There’s some downbeat bangers on here, some stuff that brings the mind The Purple One if he accidentally strutted into a backroom and the lights went dark red and maybe somebody spiked his seltzer. But then there are tunes like Medicinal that are more like a top-down drive through a sunrise and someone’s probably going to get lucky whenever the tank runs out. Love runs from bliss to hell (and then you’re alone to face your damn self again). Dan knows how to sing to you. To my ears, this one is austere for him, stripped down, occasionally additive in the smartest ways. It’ll take you somewhere new that nevertheless feels familiar.

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