Padre – Good Things to You




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released March 31, 2019

All is lost made better by Aron Lozo on backup vox and percussion in Ann Arbor.

The Best We Gonna Get made better by the couchmen (Eric Sweeney and Shawn Erickson…drums, backup vocals, bass, piano & guitar in Potterville, Mi.)

The Professor inspired by Bob “the bear” Maxwell (Rip 2018 brother).

Blackout Lion written with Brian Galindo and J. Vogel in Ann Arbor. This was a Blackout Lion (band) demo.

New Currency written with Sean Madigan Hoen ( vocals, guitar solo and Chorus written by Sean Madigan Hoen (wherever he lived then)and accompanied by Sean Bondareff on terrific bass guitar, mixed by Mike B. (Dearborn Heights Mi.)))

Reds and the Greens made better by Dan Gillies on bass guitar in Ferndale/Royal Oak.

Statesman’s Address made better by Dave Skiver on rhythm guitar and lead guitar in Livonia Mi.

We Belong No More made better by Josh Machniak on bass guitar and drums (in Seattle Wa).

Two Stones inspired by Alan and Barbara Brace (my parents on Christmas, hours after our annual Christmas Eve family gathering, the gifts were wrapped and the kids were asleep finally(when they bought me a keyboard for Christmas, vocals and keyboard we’re 100% impromptu)) . All songs recorded between 2013 and 2018, widdled down from 35 songs to 10 songs.

All songs initially recorded at Braceland Studios and handed off to relative locations to friends in music, such good friends.

All songs mixed by Padre/KWB in Braceland studios. All songs mastered by Sean Madigan Hoen, J. Vogel and Padre/KWB. Motivated by Rev. GD Pena. All photos via Braceland Studios by Padre/KWB. Layout completed by Dan Jaquint.

There was a photo from John Dunne that I was going to use but couldn’t find after all (sorry John). All songs written in Braceland Studios. All songs selected by Padre (KWB) and Sean Madigan Hoen prior to a chess match that Sean won. All songs meant a lot to the author (KWB/Padre). Tracklist made by chance with Sean Madigan Hoen and J. Vogel. Production by Repa.