Gigantic Hand – Sexy Time





SEXY TIME highlights Kelly Caldwell of Detroit’s “Kelly Jean Caldwell Band” It is songwriter Kris Kaczor’s and Caldwell’s first collaboration in 10 years.


Once they made the combination making you.
And then that combination would pass by you.
They’d feel you when you had not shared a memory.
A distant sound, a star without meaning.
Don’t stare. It has no meaning.
Don’t hear. It has no meaning.You feel your face against her.
You feel your hair inside her.

A light shines on eyelid it moves to open.
You push your baby’s head into direction.
You made life you invented time.
So feel that sight and and that memory of connection.

But don’t feel what you cannot feel.
Don’t care what they are saying.
Inside the house is burning.
Fire’s taking down the books you’re reading.
About stolen dreams and fucked up memes, yeah we’re breeding.
Adding to the skin of the beast we’re seeding.


released October 22, 2021
Kelly Jean Caldwell – Vocals
Kris Kaczor – Guitar, Vocals
Rory O’Connor – Drums, Synthesizer
Recorded and Produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo at Virtue and Vice Studios, Brooklyn, NY