After Small Brown Bike’s second album, Dead Reckoning, Dan Jaquint left the band (before eventually rejoining) as their touring schedule was about to become excessively demanding. Katy Reed (wife to Mike of SBB), leaned into creating a different style of a band with Dan. Her acoustic guitar beginnings started to evolve into mathy and challenging electric riffs, all while simultaneously delivering soaring vocal melodies. Lovesick bassist, Nikki Margosian, only encouraged that kind of complex playing of memory and patterns, helping round out the unique and challenging three piece with her determined and meditative type string work. The band played often with the likes of Small Brown Bike, Cursive, and the Weakerthans, quickly advancing their femme-fronted brand of technical, introspective rock. Begging Complication is now freshly mastered and accessible as a document that, among other things, bridges the gap between Small Brown Bike and LaSalle, a band featuring Katy and Dan (and SBB singer/guitarist Mike Reed) that was soon to follow.

Contact: Dan Jaquint at [email protected]

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