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Contained Herein:

KIND BEAST 10-song debut album You Know I Used to Dance?

Material ranges from anthems intended to blend INXS with Fugazi, to weird-room nighttime rock evoking sensory details of a sordid past, to things meant to shake hips in a way both naughty and consensual. In part a celebration of the last 40 years of guitar music, KB muse over everything from The Gun Club to Led Zeppelin to Hot Snakes to Can but given these fellows have been around long enough to have wrangled their own styles, it all comes out how it comes out— it’s own thing. Dark hooks. Midnight missives. A willing step into the shadows.

All songs written and performed by relative veterans of Michigan punk/indie/alt.-whatever realms. They’ve largely divorced themselves from past journeys, but the resumes are there and include Thoughts of Ionesco, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Small Brown Bike, The Holy Fire and on and on. Singer/Guitarist Sean Madigan Hoen was vaguely known as a Brooklyn-based writer of literary fiction before moving back to Detroit and summoning the (kind) beast. Here it comes.

The band played two headline shows before the 2020 quarantine and released a four-song 12” (Endless Virtue) the week everything shut down. What followed was a year of writing and over two albums worth of new material. Something like thirty songs. “Best shit I’ve ever done,” say all involved. Album #1 is nearly here. Recorded in Detroit, mixed in Brooklyn. Hit songs left and right for those with attention spans. They tracked to 24-inch tape. They do it live.

There are deeper motivations for passing you this advance copy of their 10 song album—those motivations being that the band is hoping you’ll consider it for inclusion in your illustrious endeavor. The band desires the help, assistance, support of a sympathetic entity. But just giving it a listen means a lot (or maybe three listens because there’s all kind of melody and subliminal context tucked in there).

Let the BEAST know what you think. It can hardly wait to be set loose in the world, kindly.

Signed, Upper Management

Dan Jaquint: Drums
Sean Madigan Hoen: Vocals, Guitar
Sean Bondareff: Bass

We still like to party
But now we do it straight
Feeling Strange
In the best of ways